Yealm Estuary

A few weeks ago Andy and I headed down to paddle the Yealm Estuary, we originally planned on heading along the coast but it was to wind and rough, so we thought we'd stick to an Estuary where is was a bit more protected.
We started at Newton Ferrers and headed out and up towards Yealmton as far as we could go.
When we reached this little waterfall, we know we'd gone as far as we could go so we turned round, had some lunch and headed back again.
Once we got to the little branch of the river at Newton Ferrers that we started from we decided to head out towards the sea, where it was rather bleak and rough.
Here are a couple more pictures, Its a really nice trip to do when its a bit to rough out on the sea and very scenic.

This is the little slip way we used as a get in/ out