Tide Race

In the last few months we have taken on Tide Race Sea Kayaks as an addition to the varied selection of sea kayaks we already stock. We spent quite a while checking out the range and talking to Dave from Tide Race, the outcome was that we were impressed by the great quality and finish, there enthusiasm for the sport and continued progression, pushing sea kayaking forward and by the performance of the boats.

We currently have demos available of the Xplore M and Xcite M, these are available to try on the canal free of charge or can be taken away (for up to 3 days) for £30 to be tried at you location of choice.

We also have stock on the way of the Xplore, Xcite and Xtra these are due in January 2013. There will soon be a listing on our website of Sea Kayaks in stock and Tide Race boats due.


There expedition sea kayak, more than capable of multiday trips or just weekend paddles. Available in 4 sizes, more details available here


This playful sea kayak is great for messing around in the surf but still at home on day trips. Available in 2 sizes, more details available here



Short and nimble the Xtra is perfect for playing the sea and rock hopping. Available in 2 sizes, more details available here

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