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Finally some decent ladies paddling kit, after spending years in men's gear, new ladies paddling gear is starting to come through from some of our manufacturers, designed specifically for ladies not just men's gear in pink! With more on offer each year.

I have been updating my kit with some of the new gear, towards the end of last winter I purchased myself a Palm Thalassa Cag and Palm Halo Buoyancy Aid. Here are my thoughts on them...

Palm Thalassa Cag

Palm Thalassa Cag


After finding myself doing more and more sea paddling and having enough of wearing white water cags with tight latex seals I bought myself a touring cag. I tried on a few different options by various brands and ended up with the Palm Thalassa because for me it felt like the best cut, I really like the high fleecy collar and good hood that tucks away when not being used, other features include latex wrist seals and a twin waist to help keep the water out, a inner neck seal, which you can get nice and firm with the velcro fastening or if you get to warm you can unzip it to cool off and an additional outer collar again with a offset zip to open up and vent. I spent the last winter in it and will be using it again this winter, its great for those chilly days on the water, whether its a bit blowy or just freezing cold. I find that its really comfy, the fabric was a little stiffer that some of the other cags I tried on, but its now starting to ease up a little after a bit of use and I feel that it will last really well.

They come in two nice colours a nice bright red or aqua blue and are available in XS – XL. £219.95

Palm Halo Buoyancy Aid

Palm Halo Buoyancy Aid

I also got around the same time a Palm Halo ladies specific buoyancy aid that’s designed for touring, sea kayaking, canoeing and easy going white water. It sits nice and low though it is fairly bulky it doesn't cause a problem while paddling, it has a really good size pocket that can easily fit a camera and two smaller pockets to fit a knife and whistle, it buckle up front makes it easy to get on. Its a very well thought out buoyancy aid, with lots of features. The only problem I have come across is the hydration pouch, because it is built into the inside of the back of the buoyancy aid and as soon as you put a bladder filled with water in, it becomes incredibly uncomfortable, I now just take a bottle of water with me in the boat. I have spoken to a few customers who have tried this buoyancy aid on and it fits most ladies well (all shapes and sizes).

Available to match the Thalassa cag in red or blue, sizes are XS/S, M/L & XL/XXL. £119.95


Jemma wearing the Palm Halo Buoyancy Aid

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