The Yealm, Wembury and the Mew Stone

Ewart has been dabbling and dipping his paddles in the salt water again! A lack of rain and amazing winter days lead to sea kayaking. A bit further south than the previous weekend saw Ewart and his friend Ben take to the water for a paddle around the Yealm estuary and the Wembury area of Plymouth. A selection of shots, the good ones from Bens GoPro Black Edition 3+ and the other from Ewarts phone inside an Aquapac.

"We launched from Noss Mayo, outside the Ship Inn but could have done with a slightly higher tide. It was a touch on the muddy side but the tide was pulling nicely into the Yealm. Noss Mayo is on the banks of Noss Creek with Newton Ferrers on the river right bank. A beautiful day, sunny but with a cool wind. A true winter gem. 

 Fantastic shots from Bens GoPro. It still amazes me how good the photos from these cameras are. Well worth the investment. 

                                                            Ben went for a swim. Nutter. 

                                                                 Yikes! Its Ewart! 

                                           No words for this really apart from stunning. 

And then we have Ewarts photos......

                                                      "Lets paddle to that little rock..."

                                                                   Oh, its a big rock. 

                                                     "That looks cool up there, lets go up it!"

 We guessed this must be the landing spot. The tide was just about hitting low so we had plenty of space to land. In a higher tide it would be more tricky.

 This building was what got us interested in climbing the island. (which we later discovered was the Mew Stone.)

                                                           Wembury Church on the left.

After a few sunny hours paddling, swimming and  exploring we returned to Noss Mayo and the Ship inn. Spend some dosh in the local community, two pints of Mew Stone and some fish and chips please!


  1. Thanks for sharing your cool photos. I missed my father when I saw your post because he was the one who taught me on how to do kayak in the Philippines. Nice!